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Savini Gelato produces healthy handcrafted gelato with entirely organic and natural products. We don’t use pre-made ice cream bases and we are making everything like old days.
Gourmet tastes from the island of Sardinia and Sicily (the flavours Pardulas and Cassata Siciliana) and from Bulgaria, with flavours like Yoghurt with Rose oil, Pistachio and Baklava and many more. The most popular and endorsed flavours for now remain the Fior di Late, which is our trademark, crafted with bio organic milk and premium French cream.
The milk & dark chocolate is also a hit flavour, for which we are using only the best cocoa and chocolates “Valhrona”.
The sorbet from mango Alphonso and black currant are also in our top picks.
We are importing many of the ingredients ourselves, due to their lack on the Bulgarian market and that’s why our clients can experience our top level hand crafted gelato, in a way, which it was when the first gelato chefs were making it back in Italy. We are also innovative with our gelato flavours, as we are importing real cane sugar and bio vanilla from Madagascar. We are also serving a sugar-free gelato, for customers with special needs, while we are substituting the sugar with the most harmless sweetener Xylitol from Finnish birch.
Our gelato does not contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients, we are only using the best all natural and organic ingredients, we are making everything by an old Italian recipe, we are only using the best tools and showcase, which can not be found anywhere else in Bulgaria, including special containers with lids.

Savina Nikolova

Savina Nikolova


Co-Founder of the first artisan natural gelato shop (Gelateria Naturale) on the Balkans in 2015. In 2017 Savina started her signature project Savini, where the ingredients are worthy of a Michelin-like experience with gourmet style flavours. All natural from scratch.